All-in-One Integrated Institute Management and Student Safety Platform

EDURA Integrated Institution Management System (IIMS) provides a comprehensive set of features which automates the day-to-day activities of an educational institution right from the admission process of new students to generation of transfer certificates when the students complete their studies.


In this recent Coronavirus scare, Edura's Virtual Classroom is the perfect solution for educational institutes to bring students and teachers together online and continue learning from the comfort of their homes.

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With over 62 features, EDURA is one of the most advanced mobile platform avaliable today for connecting Schools and Colleges with Parents. Edura Open-School is a school management software. It’s an SIS, Timetable manager, Fees manager, bookstore... all in one bundle. So your people, academics, admissions, billing, scheduling, and communications all work together. Your whole school can use it— Staff, faculty, parents and students. And your information is more accessible and useful than ever.

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Multi Platform

EDURA is Avaliable on the iOS and Android platforms.


EDURA ensures parents can keep track of their children on the move.

Transport safety

EDURA's Transport system provides real time fleet tracking and student's boarding and dropoff details.

Campus Safety

EDURA's Campus safety platform provides peace of mind of the Management and Parents.

Interaction first

EDURA enables Schools and Teachers can communicate with Parents with ease.


EDURA's Scalable and Customisable platform ensures features suitable for Small and Large schools.

Edura App Download

Available on iOS & Android platforms

Parents, Students and Teachers can download the EDURA open school management app from iOS App-store and Google Play-store.

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*Please ensure your child's school / college is enrolled with EDURA before downloading the APP